Kraken Framework

Kraken is the first and only multi-processed, multi-threaded, fault-tolerant framework for PHP. It has been written to provide easy and reliable API for creating distributed applications using PHP. Kraken aims to solve typical problems of writing such applications and to provide developers with powerful yet elegant tools for dealing with them.

GGP Botter

GGP-Botter is a general game playing framework written in SWI-Prolog that provides API for creating AI-driven bots that learns to play any game if the proper rules are provided. Framework consists of an interface for GGP server-client communication, event-driven bot architecture, separate rules for writing bot and game rules and more.


SPNA which stands for "Simple Petri Network Analyzer" is a browser-based tool which provides algorithms able to analyze performance and architecture of any distributed system. It works using petri-network based algorithms and enables interface for creating, migrating, managing and designing petri network systems. The tools comes with graphical IDE and visualisation tools.


SNES which stands for "Social Network Evolution Simulator" is a tool which provides algorithms able to simulate evolution of social networks. It uses set of specially defined both simple and complex rules to predict how any given social group is going to evolve as time passes. The project has been presented and warmly received at the AI conference in AGH-UST in Poland. The program comes in two versions - the frist one is online and browser-based while second is in the form of destkop application built with Titanium SDK.


RedScript was created to provide a first class functional experience in the browser, inspired by Ruby and Elixir. Its main goal is to provide easy interoperability with other JavaScript libraries while still providing a first class functional experience in JavaScript.

Elradia 2

Elradia 2 was the second iteration of Elradia franchise. The game provided better graphics and switched from turn-based system to live action. The sequel also totally revamped old game mechanics, removing outdated systems and putting more focus to crafting, looting, fighting and especially questing. It was the first game in the series which provided interative environment and arcade elements.

Elradia Construction Set

Elradia Construction Set was a project aimed to create interoperable tool for creating RPG games via browser-based graphical editor. It provided interface to create game worlds using existing or custom 2D graphics, painting the world, defining game rules, creating loot and bestiary. Some of experimental, not fully implemented features were support for BBQ codes and creating install scripts.

Elradia | Erathia 2

Elradia, also known as Erathia 2, was spiritual successor to the Erathia game. It modernized the gameplay by moving from text-based gameplay to a 2D animated sprite-based world. Elradia improved on the previous game making each mechanism more complex to master, but easier to start with. The game wastly expanded its universe by adding new races, cities and locations and adding new features such as dungeons, raids and colosseum tournaments awaiting for most experienced players.


Erathia was one of the first browser text-based MMORPGs in Poland, and the second most popular of its time. The game contained a hand-crafted fantasy world full of magical wonders and inhabited by hundreds of monsters. Each player at the start of his adventure was asked to create his character by choosing such RPG elements such as race, class, specialization and more. The game provided fighting, crafting and trade mechanics. The main point of the game was to collect scraps of the map, reavealing the location of secret place, in which the end game boss awaited. It was the ultimate quest waiting for bravest wanderers!